Change of instructor
I had already done 38 hours with another instructor but there was no progress so after speaking with my mum and dad we contacted LDC and was recommended Hamid for a one hour trial session, well what a difference in style of teaching, he was great listening to me and advising me accordingly instead of putting me down, after the lesson i fell like i want to learn and pass my test where before i was going to give up, i highly recommend Hamid to anyone wishing to learn to drive he is very polite, patient and will go out of his way to accommodate you, in fact in my one hour lessen he did extra half an hour for free due to traffic .

1st lesson
hi I was recommended to take driving lessons with Hamid and I am very pleased about choosing him, in my first two hour lesson I found his teaching technique very good he was polite patient and always willing to help me out with any questions. I enjoyed my lesson and looking forward to my next lesson with Hamid

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