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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed with just one fault
Thanks to Hamid’s tuition I passed my driving test with only one faults. Hamid you are a legend

Hossein Hossein
Passed first time
I was told by my friend about Hamid and I’m glad that I chose him for my training. He helped me to correct all my bad habits and helped me to understand how to plan my driving and control of the car. With Hamid’s help I passed on my first attempt with 5 minor faults. Thank you Hamid.

Mccaully Mccaully
Passed first time
I started my lessons with Hamid in February this year and learned how to drive with him Hamid is really a great instructor and very easy to understand since I started my driving with hamid my girl friend and her mum also have started with him and I recommend hamid to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Passed with two dfs
I was recommended Hamid by my friend who passed his test with him and after only 20 lessons I passed my test with just two faults. I can't thank Hamid enough for all his coaching and helping me to get through my test. He really is a great instructor and I will recommend him to any one who wants to learn to drive Thank you Hamid.

Hi I’m KAY and I started my journey with hamid about five months ago. I contacted him via his web site and he was quick in replying to my enquires He did a home visit free of charge and explained everything about himself and LD system and terms and conditions which I signed the contract This made me more at ease because then I could trust him and knew that I’m dealing with a professional instructor. His teaching method always came across very clear and easy to understand with Hamid’s help I managed to pass my driving test and I can now use my car to travel to work and back and take my daughter out. I recommend Hamid to anyone who wants to learn to drive you won’t be disappointed he is really a great instructor Thank you Hamid xx

I passed my test on second time with help of Hamid I initially did 10hours with another instructor from pass&go but I wasn’t happy so I contacted Hamid and what a difference, I started to enjoy learning to drive again thanks to Hamid He really knows his stuff and he is so calm that made me feel relaxed and wanting to learn. I recommend hamid to anyone who wants to learn to drive once again thank you Hamid for all your hel

Ben Ben
Passed first time
I passed first time with Hamid he is fantastic instructor with a great knowledge I recommend Hamid to anyone who wants to drive.

James BargusJames Bargus
Passed first time
Hi I started my journey with Hamid last July and with work commitments it has taken us until now to pass my driving test first time with only 4 faults. Hamid is a great instructor and always prepared to go out of his way to accommodate me and his teaching style was in a way that he always tried to make sure that I understood the subject and were confident to do it properly. Now that I’ve passed my test my wife will start with Hamid and I recommend him to anyone who want to learn to drive. I like to thank Hamid for his help in my passing my test u r a legend.

I initially took one hour lesson with Hamid to refresh my learning to drive after a few years Hamid was very patient and helped me to realise my strengths and weaknesses. We did 10 hours lessons and he helped me to pass my test. I’ve now got my daughter to start with him as I really think he is a great guy and will do all he can to help her pass her driving test. Just like to say thank you Hamid x

Passed in second attempt
I took a 30 hours course with Hamid and passed on my second attempt Hamid is a great guy, knowledgeable and easy to understand. He puts you at ease with his teaching technique and will always encourages you to be involved in learning how to drive properly. I recommend Hamid to anyone who wants to learn to drive and I like to thank him for all his support and patience in my learning.

Passed first time
I was recommend to book my driving lessons with Hamid after my cousin passed 1st time with him, I made the right choice and passed mine first time as well thanks to Hamid’s great training he knows his stuff and explains it in an understandable way I’m now going to get my brother to go with him to do his training Hamid you are the best thank you

Robert Robert
Passed first time
I did a 15 hours midway course with hamid to improve my driving as I had not been driving for the last four years I had a lot of bad habits which I didn’t realise how ever with the help from Hamid I managed to get my driving up to standard and passed first time Hamid is a calm, relaxed and very knowledgeable and he can transfer his knowledge in a simple way to understand I’m so happy that I passed first time but I could not had done it without Hamid’s help and instruction I recommend Hamid highly to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Passed 2nd attempt
I did a one week intensive course with Hamid and he taught me how to drive properly I failed my first attempt at pontefract due to my nerves. Hamid managed to find my a cancellation and he helped me with how to control my nerves and I passed with only 3 driving faults. Hamid is a calm and friendly chap and always ready to help with any circumstances I’ve already recommended him to my friend who has started his lessons with him. I’ve had three instructors previously but honestly Hamid is the best and if you want to learn to drive he is the man. Thank you Hamid for all your help.

I chose Hamid as my driving instructor after an initial one hour session with him, in simple words I can honestly say that he knows his stuff and can explain things in simple way so that I could understand. I passed my test today on my second attempt with only 5 driving faults, I can't thank him enough for his support and helping me to get my licence, I highly recommend Hamid for anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Davey RobertsDavey Roberts
Passed 1st time
Passed first time with Hamid. Highly recommended him as your instructor, he is calm and patient and explains things in a simple way for you to understand and grasp. If you want to learn to DRIVE and not just pass your test, Hamid is your man! Thanks Hamid

Passed 1st time
I did a 30 hours intensive course with Hamid and passed first time, he is really good going out of his way to help me to understand how to get things right also he was very cool and patient , never rushing me and always tried to explain what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. If you are looking for a great instructor choose Hamid and you won't go wrong he is the man.

Passed 1st time
Hamid was recommended to me by my friend and although I live in Leeds I contacted Hamid and booked my lessons with him over three weeks. He is really a good tutor, very understanding and was very helpful in identifying my driving faults and how to correct them so that I could understand the reasoning for why it could be dangerous if I don’t do them right. He is a very calm and relaxed in his teaching and always willing to go out of his way to help.

Faramatz hisseiniFaramatz hisseini
After failing my test twice with another instructor I took 5 lessons with Hamid and passed with 3 minor faults Hamid was great in finding my errors and explaining how and why to do it correctly he is very knowledgeable and has a great patience.

Great instructor
I took 10 lessons with hamid to polish up my driving in UK as I already had a Polish licence and I learned a great deal from him He is very patient and polite always on time and will help you anyway he can

Passed 1st time
I took a mid way course with Hamid and I passed on my first attempt with only 3 faults.

Passed with Hamid
I am a single parent and organizing my time is very difficult but Hamid was always very accommodating and could fit me in when I could get a baby sitter Hamid has a great knowledge and can transfer his knowledge very clearly and easy to understand I really enjoyed my lessons with hamid and recommend him.

Passed after a week
I did a 20 hours one week course with Hamid and I can honestly say that he was great in showing me how to progress and made me feel confident to be able to pass my test

Change of instructor
I had already done 38 hours with another instructor but there was no progress so after speaking with my mum and dad we contacted LDC and was recommended Hamid for a one hour trial session, well what a difference in style of teaching, he was great listening to me and advising me accordingly instead of putting me down, after the lesson i fell like i want to learn and pass my test where before i was going to give up, i highly recommend Hamid to anyone wishing to learn to drive he is very polite, patient and will go out of his way to accommodate you, in fact in my one hour lessen he did extra half an hour for free due to traffic .

1st lesson
hi I was recommended to take driving lessons with Hamid and I am very pleased about choosing him, in my first two hour lesson I found his teaching technique very good he was polite patient and always willing to help me out with any questions. I enjoyed my lesson and looking forward to my next lesson with Hamid